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Opticron Binoculars & Telescopes

Beginner Telescopes

For those wanting to make a start in astronomy, the Vixen A70Lf and A80Mf refractor telescopes are ideal for viewing bright planets, nebulae and star clusters.

80mm Achromat      


Refractor Telescopes

Achromatic Refractor Telescopes
A range of refractors for intermediate to advanced astronomers, the Vixen range of achromatic telescopes includes models suited to astrophotography and large aperture telescopes for visual astronomy and narrowband imaging.

A62SS A81M A105M  
62mm Achromat 81mm Achromat 105mm Achromat  


Fluorite Refractor Telescopes
Vixen's Fluorite "grab and go" refractor is the perfect small lightweight, short tube apochromatic telescope for the most discerning astrophotographer or observer.

55mm Apochromat      


ED Refractor Telescopes
Vixen's comprehensive range of ED refractors includes lightweight, short tube "grab and go" scopes as well as flat field instruments for the most discerning astrophotographer.

ED81S ED103S SD115S AX103S
81mm ED Apochromat 103mm ED Apochromat 115mm ED Apochromat 103mm Triplet ED Apochromat


Astro Imaging Telescopes
The ultimate in imaging refractor technology, the VSD100f3.8 uses a five-element design comprising a Super ED objective lens element, ED corrector lens and a field flattener to deliver a fully-flat, pin-sharp field.

100mm ED Astrograph      


Reflector Telescopes

Astro Imaging Telescopes
Using fast parabolic mirrors, Vixen's Newtonian reflector telescopes are ideal for astrophotography.

R200SS VC200L    
200mm Parabolic Mirror 200mm VISAC Aspherical Mirror Reflector    


Modified Cassegrain Telescopes
A superb range of reflectors from a lightweight 4" grab and go telescope to 12" observatory class imaging scopes.

VMC110L VMC200L VMC260L GP & SX  
110mm Precision Spherical Mirror Reflector 200mm Precision Spherical Mirror Reflector 260mm Precision Spherical Mirror Reflector